Short Term Side Effects of Atkins Diet

Short Term Side Effects of Atkins Diet

Probably you’ve heard and read about Atkins diet, unless you’ve been living on Mars. You probably have tried it yourself, or you have a friend who has been following the Atkins plan for years. Well, the Atkins diet at first glance really sounds too good to be true. It promises people to lose weight significantly and maintain a better health.

Although compelling and promising as it may seem, several researches have noted certain side effects of Atkins diet. Some of these side effects of Atkins diet are good, but there are others that are naturally unpleasant. It is also worthy to note that some side effects of Atkins diet are short term, but mostly occur long term.

To begin, many studies have revealed that because of the Atkins’ emphasis on the state of ketosis, which occurs whenever the body lacks sufficient amount of carbohydrates, there’s a great possibility that those who use the diet may develop bad breath. Bad breath, as you may know, is a very disgusting and embarrassing condition, and it is produced when the fats in the body are burned resulting to the production of substances known as ketones. These substances are actually lost in urine and come out through the breath, so it’s no wonder that one of the unfavorable side effects of Atkins diet is bad breath.

Constipation may also result from the use of Atkins diet. This is but one of the short term side effects of Atkins diet, and it occurs basically as a consequence of avoiding foods that are high in fiber such as vegetables, bean, fruits, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, jacket potatoes and whole grain breakfast. Without these high fiber foods, constipation has a chance to occur for the reason that the bacteria in the large bowel need fiber to assist in bulking up movements. So to avoid this one of the notable side effects of Atkins diet, it is best to eat your full allowance of veggies and salad. You can even take a fiber supplement and drink plenty of water. Note that a probiotic supplement can help you maintain a healthy digestion while doing the Atkins diet.

The other short term side effects of Atkins diet may include insomnia, tiredness, dizziness, nausea, and weakness. Cramps may also occur as when your weight loss starts to work, you lose fluid and minerals in your body which in turn can cause leg cramps. Also, some people who have tried the diet have said that one of the most unfavorable side effects of Atkins diet is symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms occur because people before their entrance to Atkins are addicted to wheat, sugar, caffeine and foods that change the blood sugar level quickly and easily. These withdrawal symptoms disappear within three days, but if severe side effects of Atkins diet occur, it is best to totally withdraw from the diet. It is best to note that if more serious side effects of Atkins diet occur, the plan is obviously not suitable for you.